Simple second.
This is a project of changing the time counting system to a simpler form.
Javascript library
A library that allows you to get the current date and time in SS format, also process it, add dates, subtract, etc.
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Haskell library
A library written in the haskell language for the simple second time format
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Widget for android
Widget that shows time and date in SS format.
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Phyton library
Time synchronization in python
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The first thing we need is a unit of measure: 1 ss (simple second). This unit is the maximum close to our sec. and 1 day is equal to the round number ss.
1 ss = 0.864 sec
1 day = 100 000 ss
1 sec
1 ss
We completely abandon such concepts as hours and minutes, this is an extremely non-rational system. To use higher order numbers, we'll use the prefixes kilo, mega, etc. Just like we do in other units.
1 day = 0.1 megaSs = 100 kiloSs = 100 000 ss
1 year = 365 days = 36.5 megaSs
Now we need to deal with dates. 365 is a semi-prime number. It expands 73 and 5, these are two primes. Consequently, we take 5 days per week, and 73 days per month. Then all months will have the same number of days and weeks will not shift from year to year.
regular day
last day of week
leap day
According to nasa data, 1 year = 365.2422 days. If we use units such as year and day at the same time, this invariably leads us to shift the seasons, each year by 0.2422 days. As a result, we are forced to use leap years to minimize this discrepancy. The rule is: if the year is divisible by 400 or the year is divisible by 4 and not divisible by 100, then this is a leap year, the rest of the years are non-leap years.
In each leap year, we have to add 1 day somewhere. To keep the number of days in all months, let's add one more special month, which consists of 1 day.
All dates will be counted from 0, for example, the first day of the year 2019-0-0. Why? The date format itself looks like 1 number written in a complex form. And when we write down numbers, we do not skip zeros between them, for example, we do not count 7, 8, 9, 11, 12. No, we count like this 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12. That is, when switching to a higher order, bottom order becomes zero. Then we will assume so 2020-1-71, 2020-1-72, 2020-2-0, 2020-2-1, etc. In this regard, we now have 1 year less than in the Gregorian calendar, because there is no 0 year in the Gregorian calendar.
Time Zones. Earlier, when people were not strongly connected with the global world, it was convenient to use the local time, because when you came to another city, you always knew what time shops and other institutions would open approximately. But now this method brings more inconvenience than convenience. If we use one time at all, we will need to remember what time your city wakes up and falls asleep, but you can adapt to this very quickly, especially when you have a phone in your hands that shows you all the information you need in a few seconds. But on the other hand, using one time, you never need to specify where you are from, so that the interlocutor can translate into his own time format, because now there is one time for all. So that no one would be offended, the UTC-2 time zone was taken as the reference zone. This is the unused zone itself, passing through Greenland, the Atlantic Ocean and very slightly touching the edge of South America.
The date form is as follows. Two lines are separated by a space: the date is on the left, the time of day on the right. The date is divided into three lines by two dashes. The first is the year, the second is the month, and the third is the day. Time is the number of ss (accurate to milliSs) that has passed since the beginning of today. If there is a - sign at the beginning of the date, then it is a date before our era. The number of months cannot be more than 4 (in a leap year 5). The number of days in a month cannot be more than 72 (if the month is 5, then no more than 0).
Below are examples of how this can be used in clocks and calendars in various places. If you have a desire to do this in reality, you can safely take, use, change absolutely as you want. It will be a great joy if you want to do these things.
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